Mummy, what does my name mean?” asks a curious little child at bedtime. And here begins ‘The Magic of my Name’, the book that invites children on a magical journey full of loveable characters that accompany them on their intrepid adventure through colourful worlds full of surprises. The personalisation element is the heart of the book, which contains a story based on the letters in the child’s name. In this way, every little one has a unique and tailor-made story that helps them to understand the hidden meaning behind each letter.

Our name is our identity; it sets us apart and gives us personality. The aim of ‘The Magic of my Name’ is to teach children to value their name and really be proud of it, by attaching a special meaning to each letter.

The personalisation factor encourages children to feel like the protagonist of their own story, encouraging an interest in and love for reading. In addition to its immaculate and colourful illustrations, the book teaches values such as friendship, generosity and perseverance. Every possible story for the book teaches different values, and these lessons can help kids cope with various common situations in everyday life.

The magic of my name is available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Catalan, with more languages to come!