monstre verd

When we were children, life was full of surprises – everything was new and challenging. For children, life is a game full of imagination, and it is said as we get older we forget to play. It was precisely the idea of ‘seeing life through the eyes of a child’ which motivated us to start this project.
We are The Story Tailors. We are a company founded in Barcelona in 2015 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of animation and children’s content.
Our first idea was to create unique products that will thrill children around the world while also providing educational values. We then realised that what we really wanted was to create unique experiences for children that could be shared with their parents – creating unforgettable family moments.


We strive to achieve new goals and find original and creative ways to solve any challenges that the customer presents us. Our biggest challenge is becoming a world leader specialising in product customisation in the child audiovisual sector, with the use of modern and forever-adapting technologies.
We want to build long-term relationships with our customers, creating brand value and loyalty by sharing these unique experiences. The customer will require the brand to keep improving and evolving every day in order to achieve our goal in becoming the market leader in personalised book/animations for children.
Our responsibility demands an educational commitment to the children’s learning environment. That’s why all of our products project positive and educational values: to contribute to early childhood education and to instil values such as kindness and respect for others from a very small age. Family plays a crucial role in the development of children, so we want to offer unique and intimate moments that the family members can share with their children.